Why Road Trips are the Best Form of Travel

Road trips are the best way to travel! Find out why below.

Road trips are the best way to travel and see great sights, such as historic Route 66!

We looooove road trips! Not only are they more affordable than flying, but they offer far more flexibility and spontaneity. Here, we share seven reasons why you should consider a hitting the road for your next vacation.

1. Save on Airfare

Obviously, one of the biggest perks of road trips is that you save on airfare. While it is possible to get deals on airfare, it is unlikely your trip will be cheaper than driving, especially if you have a family. It is easy to squeeze more people in car without adding too much expense to your trip, but each individual airline ticket you buy will increase the cost of your trip significantly. By using a car that gets good gas mileage and sites/apps such as Gasbuddy to determine the cheapest places to find gas, you can make your trip even more affordable. Read about how we took a 6-night/7-day road trip for less than $300 here!

2. No Rental Car Hassle

Rental cars are great when flying is a necessity. We especially like Fox, Thrifty, and Dollar rental car since they usually have the best deals. However, any rental car can be an extra hassle. The shuttles to the depot, the long lines, the checking for dings…ugh, no thank you. Taking your own car on your road trip ensures that the maintenance has been kept up to date and everything is in good shape. Your own car will be more comfortable to drive for long stretches, and you will have all your necessary belongings along for the ride. You also know that you are covered in the case of an accident. I also appreciate not having the added stress of calculating how much extra time you will need to drop off the rental car and make sure you arrive to your gate on time.

Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.

3. Allows for Spontaneity

Another perk of road trips is that they allow for more spontaneity! A perfect example of this is our honeymoon. We had originally planned on two days at Joshua Tree National Park, but that plan quickly changed once we arrived at it was 106 degrees! Since we were road tripping, it was easy to move things around and plan instead for a day in Flagstaff, AZ, where it was much cooler and amendable to outdoor activities. Had we flown in and flown out of the same location, this would have not been a convenient option. Read more about our honeymoon road trip here.

Road trip spontaneity allowed us to see all that Flagstaff had to offer!
Road trip spontaneity allowed us to see all that Flagstaff had to offer!

4. No Worrying About Missed Flights/ Late Arrivals/Layovers, Etc.

One thing I love about the process of taking off for a road trip is how relaxed it is compared to when we are flying. When we fly somewhere, it almost always consists of waking up at the a**-crack of dawn, getting ready in a hurry, stressing out about getting through security, then finding our gate and sitting for over an hour waiting for it to take off. Then, there are always those times when your first flight is running late, causing you to to stress about missing your connecting flight. Even if everything runs smoothly, no one appreciates those two to three hour layovers, which are typical if you are a frugal flier like we are! With road trips, you can forget about all that. You get there when you get there. Alarm didn’t go off? No problem! Traffic? Oh well! It really makes for a much more relaxed travel experience.

5. Cooking Your Own Food

Another perk of road tripping is that you can cook your own food. This is especially important if you have to follow a special diet, or just don’t want to dine out for the duration of your trip. This helps to save money on the road and be in control of what you are putting in your body. If do you plan on doing your own cooking, I recommend staying in a condo with a kitchen, or an Extended Stay Resort that has a kitchenette. It takes a lot less equipment to cook on the road than you probably think. You only need an Instant Pot, spatula, can opener, disposable dishware and silverware, and some Ziploc bags. For ideas on great road trip meals, check out our post here!

Spacious suites and amazing amenities at Extended Stay America

6. Allows Room for Purchases/Ability to Pick-Up Things You Forgot

If you are anything like me, it kills you to pay to check a bag. This leads to a lot of those awkward sitting-on-your-carry-on struggling to close it moments. As much as I would love to take advantage of outlet malls and other deals on vacations, I never have any room to spare for the flight home. This is not a problem when it come to road trips. Even though we aren’t exactly the minimalists we would like to be when it comes to packing, there is always some extra room to bring home some special finds.

Another great perk of road tripping is having the ability to pick up any forgotten essentials. This is a little embarrassing, but on our honeymoon I don’t think there was a day that we didn’t stop at a Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or Target to pick up some forgotten necessity (we are minimalists for sure 😉 ). It relives a lot of stress knowing that you will have that option and it isn’t essential to make sure you have every little thing crammed in your suitcase.

7. So. Many. Toiletries.

The first time I flew and learned about the one quart-sized bag of liquids rule, I thought it was a joke. As someone who isn’t exactly low-maintenance, getting all of my liquids for a two-week trip in one quart-size baggie is nearly impossible. With a road trip, I can bring everything I need to feel pulled together on our trips and not worry about hunting down travel-sized versions of my favorite products. It is also a money saver as we can bring our full sized sunscreen, bug spray, etc. (purchased on sale of course) and not be stuck paying premium price in a tourist trap.

No need to limit your toiletries on road trips!
No need to limit your toiletries on road trips!

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